Sweet 16 Slots

If you've ever wanted a slot that mixes the social game Candy Crush with an old-fashioned candy shop, then Sweet 16 is your game! This 5-reel slot will also remind you of Valentine's Day with its candy heart game icon.

As for what you can expect from a slots perspective, Sweet 16 offers several nice features and an All Ways Pays format. Let's cover these features and format along with the atmosphere and betting options.

Graphics and Atmosphere

It's easy to distinguish the candies in Sweet 16 due to the high-quality graphics. Some of the candies that you'll see on the reels include a jellybean, gummy, cinnamon ball, lollipop, Sweet 16 heart, and several types of hard candy.

You'll get excited about the lollipop not only because it looks delicious, but also since it triggers the bonus. The Sweet 16 heart is also significant because it's the wild symbol, substituting for everything except the lollipop to give you bigger wins.

Moving to the atmosphere, this game offers a vibrant look and feel along with cheerful, peppy music. The game makes you think of children and the old board game Candy Land. You'll also see fun animations like candy falling on the screen when you get the bonus.

Format and Betting

As mentioned before, Sweet 16 is an All Ways Pays game, meaning it doesn't have pay lines. Instead, it makes payouts as long as matching symbols are in adjacent reels.

This is often called a "243 Ways" format because there are 243 potential winning combinations.

Given that there are no pay lines, this games operates on a total bet, rather than allowing you to adjust your coin size and number of pay lines.

Sweet 16 Special Features

We mentioned earlier that the lollipop is your key to free spins. You'll get 16 free games when you land 3 or more lollipops anywhere on the reels.

Another feature to look for is the Morphing Symbols, which sees symbols from winning combinations morph into new symbols. If you keep forming new wins this way, the morphing will continue until no new payouts are formed.

Every time that your symbols morph into new payouts, you'll get the "Morph Magic" multiplier, which increases 1x for every consecutive win. This continues until you hit a 10x multiplier on the 10th consecutive win.

One more thing to love about Morph Magic multipliers is that they're worth between 2x and 20x your payout during free spins.

Sweet 16 Slots Is Available on Smartphones and Tablets

If you enjoy playing slots on your smartphone or tablet, remember that Sweet 16 is available on all major mobile devices, including Android, iPhone, and iPad.

To summarize Sweet 16, what will initially attract you to this game are the colorful graphics and playful tunes. What will keep you spinning these candy-filled reels are the features, including free spins, Morphing Symbols, and Morph Magic. That said, we recommend giving this yummy adventure a try, especially if games like Candy Crush appeal to you.