Operation M.Y.O.W Slots

Operation M.Y.O.W. is a 3-reel and one pay line slot game by Real Time Gaming. Coin size ranges from 5 cents up to $5.00. You can play from 1 to 3 coins for a top bet of $15. Operation M.Y.O.W. slots has a progressive jackpot but to qualify you must Bet 3 coins per game. The theme of this slot is about an Asian feline and in this slot game you will choose between the 5 different pay tables, which basically gives you five different games in one.

The intention of M.Y.O.W. is to line up matching symbols on the pay line. Symbols include Coi, Dragons, Flowers, and five Cats that represent the five lucky colors Lucky (White), Catman (Purple), Kung Fu Kitty (Yellow), Catzilla (Green), and The King (Pink). Win the top jackpot of 5000 coins when you spin three Catzilla on the single pay line and are betting three coins., when playing for less your prize would be 1600 coins.

The "M.Y.O.W." stands for "Make Your Own Win," which is the main feature of the slot game. The top jackpot is worth 5000 coins and the second highest is worth 1500 coins. There are no scatter symbols nor are there any wild symbols in this game.