Mighty Drums Slots

Take a closer look at the catalog of RealTime Gaming, and you will notice some of the best betting games with a Far East theme. The developer's designers have perfected their technique of depicting Asian culture and beauty. Everything on-screen will fill you with wonder - from the shiny golden surface of statuettes and tiny items with a mind-boggling amount of detail to the stunning background red canvas, which somehow effortlessly gives the impression of being photo-realistic silk. Mighty Drums doesn't betray that tradition; you have chosen the slot for its unmatched depiction of precious metals and singular mythological vibe, and that is exactly what you get.

Look for Gold and Cherish the Moment as You Make an Absolute Fortune

If you have at least some experience with the company's gameplay models, you will immediately recognize the golden-symbol type, and much of your success depends on acquiring the coveted objects that beam as strongly as the sun on a hot summer day with no clouds.

The more of these shiny treasures you get your hands on, the more jackpots you will obtain, and you can additionally benefit from the rewards of a magical string of disks that can boost any earnings you have acquired fivefold. The potential for generating life-changing sums is genuinely impressive here - if you go through this thrilling, glamorous Far East adventure skillfully enough, you could, in theory, end up with 50 000 coins in your account.

The Benefits of Travelling by Dragon and Ship Will Pleasantly Surprise You

Forget as quickly as possible about the mundane card letters and numbers, which will do their best to depress you with their low payouts, and instead focus on the five gold artifacts, four of which have standard copies. There is only one shiny object made of the coveted precious metal that doesn't have a regular version of its own, and that is the bowl. Otherwise, your betting journey will give you a rare chance to set sail on a golden ship.

As you chart your course through the profitable sea, you will miraculously encounter golden fish swimming alongside your vessel. Don't be afraid if a golden frog happens to jump on board; instead, make sure to embrace its prizes with open arms. And if, by any chance, you get tired of sailing, you can always travel by air. Climb aboard a magnificent golden dragon, and the ride will reward you with 600 coins.

One of the most confusing icons you will encounter during your dazzling Far East trip will have the substituting effect - a sophisticated mix of glyphs, shapes, and colors that will make no sense whatsoever but looks pretty good, just like everything else in the slot. It is an adventure of magical beasts and a lot of gold, but what the name of the game refers to is the drums. Find enough of these drum sets and utilize them to give yourself twelve free opportunities to boost your prizes.