Fortunate Buddha Slots

When we mortals want to go for a leisurely walk, we usually head over to the nearest park to sit on a bench under the sun, enjoying the sound of some birds chirping in the trees, and if we are lucky enough, we might even catch a glimpse of a squirrel. Fortunate Buddha humbles us by showing the type of location The Buddha likes to visit in his spare time.

Perfectly cut grass warms your heart with rich emerald colors, lily pads float in ponds with flawless glassy surfaces, and innocent white flowers decorate the earth underneath the shadows of glorious tall cherry trees. And RTG is not done there: in the distance, among the breathtakingly gorgeous clouds, you can see a majestic temple.

Buddha's Wisdom Will Take You by Surprise with its Utterly Massive Jackpots

One of the great things about this spiritual adventure of a slot is that it hits you with its best features right from the get-go. Across the main screen, you get to witness not just the indescribably stunning landscape but also the highlight of the gameplay - the five jackpot rewards.

That being said, explorers who want to venture into this dream-like world can find fifty additional ways to get paid. Buddha is a generous god, as everyone knows, and still, you won't believe the type of cash he can bestow upon you on his best day - making your good mood even better with up to 50 000 coins.

Magical Creatures with the Most Splendid Colors Will Make You Emotional with Their Cash Prizes

As it turns out, even the betting games of deities can have flaws. To many players' disappointment, they will have to deal with the unremarkable card symbols, which pay poorly, but at least they sort of compensate for it with their neat looks. The remaining objects that will embellish your experience in the divine park will most definitely impress you.

A gorgeous pink lotus will be gliding in the pond, and if you look hard enough, you can notice the exquisite turquoise teal turtle walking across the grass and blending with the blades. The bronze frog will be far more distinguishable and much more profitable, but not nearly as much as the Buddha statue, which will grace you with the presence of its 300 credit reward.

Bask in the Glory of the Shiny Orb

The symbol with the replacing capabilities does a decent job but pales in comparison to a couple of other infinitely more precious objects. The deliciously pretty blue bag will put a smile on your face through nine free opportunities to earn extra money. It is the luminous sphere that beams powerfully like a tiny sun that will make you the happiest. The Orb has the ability to start filling all fifteen positions, and if it ends up doing it, your face will light up just like the magical item because you will obtain the biggest of all the Jackpots.