Bonus Wheel Jungle Slots

Bonus Wheel Jungle Slots

The jungle is really not as terrifying and lethal as you might have heard, and your fears of the unknown wilds will quickly melt away once you witness the natural paradise of Bonus Wheel Jungle. It is quite a wondrous location, the type of place you want to hide in secret so only you know about it.

There is an adorable and unbelievably beautiful teal pond, which is so pure that it casts its bioluminescence across the entire surrounding area - from blue and purple flowers to spacious leaves and lush bushes. Everything gently sways underneath the breeze through meticulously crafted smooth animation, boosting the feeling of harmony to sleep-inducing levels.

Prepare Yourself for New Friendships and Tropical Wonders

RealTime Gaming has cooked up a massive number of surprises in the mysterious network of trees that surround the divine region, and none of them will be more impressive than the almighty Wheel; spin it, and who knows what kind of ungodly reward will end up in your bank account. This pleasurable eye-candy adventure will provide you with prizes in thirty ways. Learn, adapt, and showcase the very best of your online gambling skills, and you might end your quest in the wilderness with 50 000 coins in your pockets.

Fall in Love with the Blonde Lady and Do Your Best to Appreciate the Other Humans and Animals

The journey you will undertake through the lush emerald vegetation will put you on a collision course with all kinds of generously paying objects and creatures. Even the food that you will be consuming during your journey will turn out to be quite beneficial, including bananas and tropical fruit. The first sign of civilization will be a hut built inside the crown of a tree.

In there, you will meet a beautiful toucan bird with dark blue feathers and a giant yellow beak, play around with an adorable, joyfully optimistic monkey, and get mortified by an equally happy green serpent. Occasionally, you might get a visit from the biggest of your future animal companions - the massive elephant.

All of these, however, are just an appetizer for the generosity of the human characters. The colorful trader carrying the carpet on one shoulder will strike quite the deal with you. The explorer peaking behind the leaves will charm you, but his attractiveness is nothing compared to that of the blonde, blue-eyed woman and her irresistible 600-coin prize.

A Tarzan Look-alike and His Massive Wheel Will Reveal the Forest's Cash-Producing Capabilities

Surprisingly, none of your new human friends will impress you as much as Jack himself, who is so big that he can actually cover entire reels and increase the numbers in your account in ways you have never dreamed of. It is the Bonus Wheel, however, which will truly make you appreciate the money-making potential of the jungle environment. Spinning it can result in dozens upon dozens of free chances to amass a fortune.